Megan Beauty is a personal and beauty care product promoting Filipina beauty, which offers a wide array of products specially dedicated to meeting your daily needs. Our brand is known for being budget-friendly and easy to use without compromising its promise of delivering quality and effective results in achieving your desired Filipina beauty goal. When achieving and promoting Filipina beauty, Megan will always be here for you wherever and whenever you need it. Available in major retail outlets, beauty stores, supermarkets, department stores, pharmacies, and convenience stores nationwide. Be the best version of yourself with Megan Beauty!

Megan E-Catalogue!

Hey, beautiful! Wanna know more about Megan Beauty products? From skincare, selfcare and a little bit of haircare, we’ve got all you need in our E-Catalogue! An easier tool to help you decide what to get! Check out our E-Catalogue now.

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Skin Care

Achieve your most beautiful-looking skin with Megan Beauty products.

Sunflower Line

Be porelessly white and vibrant as the sun with the power of sunflower extracts.

Hair Color

A quick hair touch-up can do wonders for your whole look.


Experience living confidently, hair-free anytime, anywhere.

Foot Care

Caring for your feet has never been this fun.

Hair Care

Nourish, style, and repair your hair in no time.


Megan Poreless White Sunflower

Embody your #PorelessWhiteSkin with Megan Beauty Sunflower Skincare Line! Infused with Sunflower Oil and Cica Extract for a flawless, healthy, and blooming skin.

Shine your brightest with Megan!